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5 Steps to Best House Floor Plans Selection

Housing.com had recently tied up with Tata Value Homes (TVH) for a limited period offer to unveil TVH properties in Chennai, Bangalore and Pune. The real estate portal took this opportunity to unveil a tool called ‘Slice View’ which has specially been created to allow buyers to view flats in yet upcoming apartments of a residential project. This tool not only interactively allows users to view apartments of their choice but also book them using secure payment gateway from within it. Slice View has found success immediately. It has enabled users to view and book properties without having to leave their homes.

The tool has been created bearing in mind the new projects underway in numerous locations. Top tier cities are not the only hotspots for new residential projects. Of late, cities like Coimbatore and Ahmadabad has emerged as prime destinations for properties. There are numerous upcoming projects in Ahmadabad from top builders of the country. TVH has also invested in the city. Properties being offered in the city range from luxurious to affordable homes’ category.

The Prime Issues in Selecting Upcoming Apartments

Let us assume that a buyer is looking for new property. This person is looking for good options and does not restrict himself to top tier cities like Mumbai or Bangalore. This buyer is looking for property for investment purposes and in such a case; Ahmadabad can be a good option.

Ever since the city has come under the Delhi Mumbai corridor purview, real estate development here has picked up pace. Currently, most of the demand is from within the state but more and more buyers from outside are eyeing upcoming projects in Ahmadabad.  While the old city does offer some good options, but most of them lack the modern features of the new apartments that are being constructed in the peripheral parts of the city.

However, if you are an investor living out of Ahmadabad, how would you be able to assess the property that is yet under construction? How would you verify what are the floor plans and how do the rooms look in their layout? How would you know the difference between a corner flat and a middle one?

Such are the questions which bug property investors when they wish to invest in upcoming apartments.

5 Steps to find the best floors

This is where housing.com offers its data driven services which have been established to offer reliable and accurate information about properties for sale and rentals. The portal has invested a lot in ensuring that accurate information is supplied to the users.

Following are the 5 steps to find the best floor plans of a house.

  1. Log into housing.com. The portal provides numerous options to choose from- Buy, Rent, Home Loans, PG & Hostels, Plots, Land etc.
  2. Select the ‘New project’ option and then choose the city/locality where you seek a house in one of the upcoming projects in Ahmedabad.
  3. Choose a project that best suits your requirements. It would comprise of original project view captured by the drone, project details, amenities, 3D models of the rooms etc. If Slice View is enabled for the project, select the option.
  4. Using Slice View, select the floor of choice from the 3 D model on the screen. Only that floor becomes isolated and you can see all apartments laid out on that floor.
  5. Select the apartment of choice, browse through and book it immediately if you like it.