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5 Things to Look for When Analyzing Office Space

Looking to move into a new office space? Setting up or changing office is a relatively exciting yet challenging task for any business owner. Usually, an office space can require a long term lease of anything between 1 and 5 years, so you need to be 100% that you choose the right space for your business. There are some obvious things to look out for when analysing office space such as size (based on current and projected future staff levels), location price. However, there are some other key things to look for, which can often get overlooked. 5 important things to look for when analysing office space include:

Modern Electric Wiring

You’d be surprised how many offices don’t come readily equipped with modern telephone and broadband ports. While you can also add these connection outlets yourself, it can be a difficult task, one which may require the assistance of an I.T. technician or electrician, in order to ensure ports are installed safely. This can be an additional expense for a business owner, which they may not have factored into their costing of the lease.

Kitchen Space

Every office should offer some kitchen area where staff members can prepare and eat their meals and snack on fruits or cookies during the day. Eating at desk is simply not an option – it looks messy and it is proven to deter productivity. Analyze the office space for a kitchen area or at least analyze it for “potential” kitchen areas. Adding your own kitchenette can be easily achieved if necessary – but be sure to factor the costs into the price of the lease so as to get a better idea of the “real” cost of the lease.

Opportunity for Customization

Your office space can be one of the most effective ways of establishing your brand. If you intend on using your office space for client meetings, you’ll need to consider the style of the office – can it be easily customized to meet your business needs and reflect your overall brand. You may also discuss what improvements are allowed as part of your lease. Some commercial property owners do not even allow tenants to paint the walls or add any furnishings that do not fit the current style of an office space.


Most office spaces will offer storage heaters or electric heating solutions. Newer builds may offer green energy solutions such as heat pumps, infrared heating or solar heating systems which can save you a lot of money in the long term. You’ll also have to discover whether the walls are insulated. The more the property fails to store heat, the more expensive your bills will be! You will also need to assess whether the current heaters are sufficient enough to heat an entire room, or whether you will need to install additional heat solutions.


Is there only one entrance to the office space? Is it possible to create an additional entrance? Can you block off an entrance if necessary? You must also consider whether your office space should be wheelchair friendly and therefore, consider whether lift access is a priority.