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How to decorate your home in feng shui design

Home interior and decoration is an art and it became more beautiful if you design your home in Feng Shui way. The arranging furniture and accessories in the style that improve prosperous and healthy living is called Feng Shui. Actually, this art originally comes from China and become very popular in all other modern countries as well. It will not only change your living style as well as give you healthy environment. So, if you are ready to design your home in stylish and gorgeous way then you need to follow these feng shui design tips.

What you need to consider

Before start, just pick the area which you want to be decorated, get rid of all unnecessary items and consider which furniture is necessary for your interior design ideas. It will give you energy map of the space which will determine the best hue to your home. Feng Shui fan love to increase space energy because room’s size and flow are main aspects of Feng Shui map. You need to read some books about this or you can search over internet what are energy maps.

The placement of your furniture and accessories is important we well. i.e. forks, mirrors and landscape water fountains will improve the chi of you home. Select the best natural colors to paint a room as per your emotions that are really important. You need to study color guide as well to pick up good color combination.


Best tips for Feng Shui Design

1. Feng shui designer should need to understand the home’s owner mind. People’s comfort must be considered as priority, and all you do must be done thinking of that.

2. You should read how to create energy map and create space in order to set objects and furniture in it.

3. An interior designer arranged furniture and accessories which may contain the different elements in harmonic quantities and according to the energy map indications.

4. Designer should use natural color to create soft environment and make a peace of mind. I already explained comfort is important aspect of Fung Shui design. You should choose symbolize color which represent different elements.

5. Don’t use dark colors because it does not show chi flowing properly.

6. Different shapes give you different feelings as well as tend to balance in different ways. You should choose carefully the shapes of the furniture and accessories.

7. For clarity view you should place sofas and chairs in a way that allows those who sit on them to easily look at the door.

8. Place a bet set with wall instead of placing in front of doors

9. To make a room’s love and energy, paint it in orange, yellow, pink and white. To bring out harmony and loyalty, paint your walls little brown and other Earth color tones. Brightness is important to design harmonic style.

10. Other things i.e metal is also considered to promote sharpness and is very effective when utilized in Northern areas. Wood is good element that enhances stamina, health and prosperity. To enhance good fortune and cleanliness, put in water fixtures and soft hues.