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This DIY mirror is sure to brighten up the gloomiest of days

This DIY mirror is sure to brighten up the gloomiest of days.  And the best part?  It costs right around $20 to make.  The main material you will need is paint sticks, which you can pick up free at any Lowe’s, Home Depot and most local hardware stores.  So clear the kitchen table and grab your Gorilla Glue, it’s time for DIY Sundays with our resident blogger, Jennifer White.

This is what your finished project will look like, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves, lets start with your material list first!  DIY drum roll please….

Material List:

  • 46-50 Paint Stick Stirs (I know it may seem a little frightening to just load your cart with free stirs in one shop, so for the faint of heart, perhaps make a trip to a 3-4 stores and pick up 10-12 from each, that is what I did.  Although, if you’re like me, you’re already a familiar with your local Ace Hardware and they usually will not haggle you about paint stirs… I suppose because there isn’t a lot of profit in them for the shops.
  • wood base
  • 7 inch embroidery loop (I picked mine up at Walmart, however any craft store like Joann’s or Hobby Lobby will carry this and the 7 inch mirror as well)
  • 7 inch circle mirror
  • Gorilla Glue or hot glue (I preferred to use Gorilla Glue because I found it would be easier to move and adjust the paint sticks around the loop)
  • paint brush
  • exacto knife
  • craft (acrylic) paints in various colors (I choose silver, gold, and glitter tones to give it a “sunbursty” effect
  • picture hanger
  • Note** The recipe calls for a miter saw, but I used a handsaw to trim my paint stirs, so if you have a miter saw handy, grab it, but if not a simple hand saw will work to trim the edges off your paint stirs.


Now we’re ready for our first step:

Step 1: Paint your embroidery loop.  I used my gold tone paint for this part.  Next glue your mirror to your wood base and allow it to dry.  Then once your embroidery loop is dry, glue that directly to your mirror.


Step 2:  This is where your miter or hand saw may come in handy.  Some paint sticks have a small curve in them, so you will want to trim the paint sticks at this point so you can have flat edges on both ends.


Step 3:  Before painting your paint sticks your desired color, align the paint sticks around the mirror to see exactly how many paint sticks you will need to paint.


Step 4:   Next, add your picture hanger to the back of your wood base BEFORE you glue your painted wood sticks on.


Step 5:  The fun part, painting your paint sticks.  I used two metallic tones to again give it that glittery effect.  You will need two coats on each stick.


Step 6:  Attach your sticks with your Gorilla Glue or hot glue to your embroidery loop.  Then afterwards, glue your remaining sticks to the front like the picture below.


Step 7:  Use your exacto knife to remove any unwanted glue from your mirror.


Step 8:  Hang it up!


Overall, I found this project to be very do-able and fun!  What I find I like most about DIY projects is the customizing factor.  I like to be able to stain or paint my projects to coordinate with my home.  So this project was another one for the books.  Stay tuned next week for our Next DIY Sundays project!  Until then, enjoy your week and never stop exploring!

Jennifer White is the resident writer for the Blindsmax.com Blog and part of our Blindsmax Sales Team. Jennifer is venturing into her 3rd exciting year with the Blindsmax.com team. With a background in English and Journalism, she is to transform her knowledge of blinds & shades and love of all things home décor into fun and informative blogs for everyone to enjoy!