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Kitchen or Bathroom? The Best Renovations for Increasing Home Value

Renovate smartly.

Renovating your home, whether in Austin or Dallas, isn’t just a matter of building the house you want. Most of us renovate with the idea of adding value to our home so that when the time comes to sell it, you get a little more for the asking. That means, however, renovating is something of an investment and you need to spend your money wisely. You will want to pick a great remodeling company like HRS Roofing to help with your renovation. So where should it go, and why?

Condition First

The kitchen and the bathroom are usually the first rooms buyers look at, so it pays to renovate either, at least on paper. But it also pays to think about where each room stands on its own, and your daily use.

For example, if your kitchen cabinets are starting to wear out, it might be worth replacing them with new cabinetry simply for your own comfort. The same is true of countertops, bathroom fixtures, and wallpaper and paint. Think about the future while looking at these repairs, by keeping colors and patterns either classic or neutral. But also consider how you need to live in your own home, and make those repairs first.

Think Small

Often when we say the word “renovation,” we think of knocking down walls and adding rooms. But renovating your home in small ways is not only cheaper, it often adds far more value. The bigger the change you make, the harder it is to undo and, perhaps, the lower your home’s price will be. Remember, any home buyer is mentally adding the cost of any changes they want to make to the overall price, and it’s very easy with big changes to push that price to “No Sale.”

Furthermore, if you add rooms or drastically overall your house, the asking price might not rise very high … but your property tax assessment might. Major renovations should be looked at thoroughly and every possible cost needs to be assessed, and the more you have to pay for it, long term, the more likely your renovation will take value off your house.

So work on the small stuff instead. For example, if you’re thinking of renovating the bathroom, tile repairs and new sink and shower fixtures will raise the value far more than adding a hot tub. Remember; it’s not just what you want, but what the people living in the home after you can make use of.

Keep Up With The Times


Plan ahead with renovations.

Time wears on all of us. If you don’t believe us, open up that high school yearbook and ask yourself if you’d still wear any of those clothes in public. And just like perhaps the clothes of yesteryear don’t quite hold up to modern tastes, kitchen and bathroom fixtures go out of style with shocking rapidity.

The good news, though, is that they’re fairly simple to refurbish or replace, so at least shifting tastes won’t cost you too much money. And you can also enjoy the fixtures while you live in the house.

Ultimately, the best approach to renovation is to ask yourself what small changes will make your home more comfortable and useful for you. If you enjoy the changes you’ve made to your home, that’s a far better return on investment than any asking price.