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Preparing Your Soil For The Perfect Garden

Fertile Soil is Essential for growing Plants but fertility of Soil depends on many factors such as Quantity of Humus (Decayed Plants and Grass), quantity of Moisture, Type of Mud, Growth Ratio of living Organisms, Soil Ph and Environmental Conditions. If the soil is Health then it can save your Time and Expenses but how what can we do to prepare the Soil for Prefect garden?

This Article will guide you to prepare the Soil for Prefect Gardening. If you are interested in gardening then this Article is worth Reading.


1st Step:

Determine the Health of Soil:

The first Step is to examine the health of Soil at your Home; there are 17 Elements which affects the fertility of soil. The Primary elements for the growth of Plants include, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, Calcium, magnesium and sulfur. The Secondary elements for the better growth of Plants are boron, copper, iron manganese and zinc. All these elements are essentials for healthy soil. To determine what minerals are lacking or abundant in your Home’s soil is to get it tested.

Determine the Texture of Soil:

  1. The Texture of Soil has great effects on the Growth of Garden Plants. To find out the Texture of Soil you can rub it on your hand.
  2. If the soil feels gritty, it is sandy Soil, which is less Fertile because water and nutrients drain through the Spaces between the particles of sand.
  3.  If the soil feels harsh when dry and slippery and sticky when wet, the soil is heavy clay. Heavy clay soils are quite dense, do not drain well and tend to be hard and usually cracks when dry.


2nd Step:

The 2nd Tip is to provide, Air, Water and Fertilizers up to appropriate levels.

 Organic Matters:

Adding organic matter in the form of compost is the best way to prepare soil for planting. Organic matter will help supply everything your plants need.


Plants also need Air to Survive because the Air brings the Atmospheric Oxygen and Nitrogen which is used for the Process of Photosynthesis and for the survival of Soil Organisms. The perfect soil have about 25% air.


The perfect ration of Water in Soil is 25% to 30%.

In Sandy soils, water drains quickly and can’t used by Plants. In clay soils, the soil gets water logged which suffocates plant roots and soil organisms. The best soils have both small and large pore spaces.

Soil Organisms:

Soil organisms are essential for healthy soil as they make nutrients available to plants. Soil organisms include earthworms, springtails, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, mites  and many other types of Worms. Some of these organisms can be purchased and added to the soil, Better to create an ideal habitat by providing the food, air and water they need to survive.

Organic Matter

Compost and other organic materials hold soil particles together and help to retain moisture. Organic matter absorb and store nutrients that are then utilized by plants, It is also food source for beneficial microorganisms.


Organic Garden fertilizers work a little slower than Chemical Fertilizers, but they release their nutrients over a longer time frame. Additionally synthetic fertilizers are bad for the environment and can make the soil worse in the long run as beneficial microorganisms are killed off.


The pH of Soil should be checked and maintained. Whether the soil is acidic or alkaline, adding organic material every year will help balance it out.


3rd Step:

When you have prepared Prefect Soil then it is also the perfect time for Planting. Online Nursery, can Guide you about Planting Trees, Fruit Plants and Flower Plants.

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