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Promotional Gift Ideas

Promotional gifts are a great way of creating interest in your brand for a low cost. A lot of the promotional items you can use to boost your brand image can be produced for very little money each and you can give them out at public events. The variety of items that can be made into promotional brand items is huge, so it’s easy to find something that suits both your company, no matter what market you are trying to target, and the image you want to create for your brand.

The following are examples of great promotional gift ideas:

Outdoor accessories

Outdoor-themed products are ideal for promoting your brand, no matter what it is that you are selling. Items such as cooler bags, umbrellas, and camping equipment are all used for a long period of time (and not only right after you give it to someone) and will be seen not only by the people they are given to, but also by others. These products can easily be mass produced for a very low cost and it’s possible to customize them however you see fit for your brand.


Corporate gifts

One of the secrets to successful promotional gift ideas, as with business in general, is to know your clients and customers. Some clients, such as high-pressure executives and big corporate clients will expect something more than a beer mat, so in order to win them over with your gifts, you need to adjust to that, no matter how well beer mats might work in other situations. For clients like these, you need to think big, and think along the lines of luxury. Items like laptop bags made out of leather, engraved luxurious pens, and executive desk toys for relieving stress are great gift ideas if you have clients like these.

Use the brew

People love items that involve beer in some way. Most people like drinking beer and having one with your friends or colleagues is a lot of fun too! Beer coolers, bags, and hats are just a few examples of great, cheap items you can make that are related to beer. You might want to consider these types of promotional gift ideas if you have a large male customer base, as beer related items are popular with men, and a lot of men will even collect such items. These items are also great for bars (naturally) and sport events, so you won’t have trouble getting rid of your promotional gifts. Another advantage is that people will be looking at something like a beer mat for a longer time than a billboard, giving your logo or design more time to “sink in” and make an impression.