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Protect and Style Your Property with Canvas Awnings

Awnings or overhangs can be considered as the most ancient method to protect and beautify the exterior walls of a building. It is typically made of canvas woven of acrylic, cotton or polyester yarn, or of laminated polyester fabric over aluminium, iron or steel sheets.

Awnings can be used for multiple purposes such as advertising, protection from different weather conditions, beautification of a building or a home or for all of the above at one go. Awnings can be custom made as per the needs and budget of an individual for both commercial and residential use.  Columns added to an awning turns it into a canopy, which extends further out from the exterior wall of a building, providing shelter at the entrance, or the sidewalk, or making space for an outer seating area of a restaurant or an eating joint.

Canvas awnings are usually placed over the door, window or at the sidewalk of a building. It is also used to cover a patio or a deck outside your home. It not only adds on to the styling of your property but also helps reduce your air conditioner costs by keeping it cooler. For example Canvas Window Awnings add protection from the scorching heat and the Ultra Violet rays of the sun, keeping it cool inside thereby lowering energy costs. UV protection also helps to keep the indoor furniture and wooden flooring safe from the direct sunlight which would otherwise fade due to the exposure. Deck boards and patio furniture so would also last longer if their UV exposure is blocked.


Another beautiful way to dress the windows and maintain temperature and privacy are the Canvas Awning Blinds. There are a variety of blinds available in the market such as Cellular Blinds, Drape Fold Blinds, Panel Blinds, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Sheer Fold Blinds and many more to give a professional and elegant look to your windows at home and office. It not only acts as a protection but with the variety of products available to suit individual needs and tastes, it’s now becoming a style statement.

Maintenance of Canvas Awnings.

Regular maintenance is required to keep the awnings beautiful and attractive. Canvas woven awnings need scheduled stain protection and water proofing. Though there are a house of products by brands like Winsol Laboratories,  Universal Products, Anderson Awning and Canvas Products Inc, etc available to cleanse the awnings, there are some basic care which one has to take for awnings to look good for long. These basics include dusting the awnings regularly to keep it dust free and avoid accumulation of mild dew, washing the awnings with mild soap and sponge to keep it clean, rinse till all the soap is washed off and do a hose down every month an a sunny day.

There are many service providers and professional cleaners also available easily for an annual maintenance program, who would maintain and keep your awnings stain free and beautiful forever.

Amelia Lyell is a freelance blogger and currently writes for Shutters Australia, a blinds and shutters company in Sydney. Visit http://www.shuttersaustralia.com.au/shutters/awnings/ to know more about home awnings and canvas awnings.