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Radford Retail Security Auto gate

In this modern day and age, an automatic gate system is indispensable to have in many strategic buildings for its practicability in managing entry for authorized personnel without constant surveillance. With its ability to automatically close itself after entry and scheduled locking system on non business hours, a security auto gates is the perfect choice in handling the entry and exit of your valuable customers or employees without any difficulties.

Tensator - Newcastle Airport

Here in Radford Retail, we offer you the best security auto gates product that comes with competitive price throughout the whole Australia. All of our auto gates product is made by using the top tier quality stainless steel which is durable and offer a long lasting lifetime usage. Along with a careful machination design in the UK and precise assembly line in our factory in Sweden, our auto gates product has the best quality in terms of practicability, durability, and power consumption.

Within our humble store, there are three types of auto gates that we have to offer. The first one is the Alpha gate MKII, which represent the pinnacle of success of over one year research and development engineered by the auto gates system expert’s researchers. Providing the latest advancement in auto gates system, Alpha gate MKII are equipped with emergency anti-panic features equipped with audible alarm that will instantly triggered when the gate is pushed into anti-panic mode. A child safety mechanism is also included within the gate to ensure that the gate arm will never knock children that is running within the area of the gate arm.


The second auto gates within our line is Easy gate auto gate system, which provides an efficient gate management system that can be effectively installed back to back in a parallel entrance lines. Offering an effective yet economical feature, Easy gate has received many improvements over the years such as customizable emergency breakout facility that will activates an alarm during the course of disturbance that will efficiently locks down the gates or let it loose simultaneously depending on the alarm settings. Not only that, Easy gate has the cheapest maintenance cost with the lowest consumption of energy of all three auto gate system that we have, making it the greenest auto gates available for purchase in Radford Retail.

Last but not least, is the Micro gate auto gate system which is equipped with soft opening function that significantly reduces the torque movement during an opening and closing process? This feature is highly sought for it capability to reduce any potential injury caused by the gate arm. An emergency anti panic feature is also installed within this gate to ensure the best integration with your existing security system.


Not only that, our auto gates are also can be easily customized with various sensor and identification aids that can be installed depending on your needs. You can easily integrate our auto gates with your office security system to allow passage on business hours and closing the gates on non-business hours to deny any uninvited guests. An extra swipe card or fingerprint detection system can also be added into our auto gates to allow entry for any authorized personnel who have been given a security clearance to enter certain premises. Whatever your need is, Radford Retail Security Auto gates offer you the maximum safety within our products.