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Revamping your garden this Winter

As Winter is fast approaching it is time to start thinking about your garden through the cold months ahead. It is the perfect time to begin planning for next year and ensuring that any construction projects have got the go ahead. Whilst many of you think that a winter garden is just bleak and gives an excuse to relax and leave it be for a months, you couldn’t be more wrong as at a second glance it is beaming with life. This is also the ideal time to enjoy the beautiful flowers, evergreens and barks that come alive during this time.


Most importantly you should make the most these months to begin those garden projects that have been in the planning for years. This will ensure that your dream garden will be complete just in time for next year’s summer, where you can make the most out of it and create lasting memories with family and friends. Whether its just the construction of a small garden shed or a total makeover, it can all be achieved this coming season.

There are many ways of quickly updating your garden this winter, particularly to maximise the most of your space. Firstly adding a wooden gazebo is a beautiful way to add a solid cover to your garden which provides a great outdoor seating area.


They are usually available to customise to your specific taste and can be made in many different designs including octagonal, square and rectangular. A garden shed is the perfect way to store all your garden essentials for the cold period ahead, which is extremely affordable and can even be done before the height of winter if you act quickly.


A summerhouse is also another project to consider, as this creates a small room which can be used as a great sitting room. These are more expensive than a typical shed but are still affordable and can be in your garden in a matter of weeks.


A garden studio can be a next step up from this, which is constructed from solid timber walls and is designed to be used all year round. They can be used as an extra room to maximise the space outside of your house, and have features including insulation and double glazing to equip them for all weather.


However, these can be very pricy but are a great investment for your garden, and will practically last a lifetime.

For more inspiration, and to get the tools you need to build your own garden structure in preperation for winter, visit Tradefix Direct.