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Salt Water Pools; A Healthier Alternative

Salt water pools are becoming a popular alternative for people who have chosen a backyard pool for recreation and exercise, but what are the benefits of a salt water pool and it is really a healthier alternative?

Lower Chlorine Level

You will find chlorine in salt water pools just as you will in a regular pool. However, salt water pools use a much lower level because they generate chlorine through a process called electrolysis where salt passes over the generator and becomes a disinfecting agent.

High concentrations of chlorine can irritate your eyes, cause itchy skin and rashes and can even cause your hair to change colors. Swimming in a salt water pool can help protect you from this damage because your body is immersed in less chlorine.

As a pool owner, you will also be handling fewer dangerous chemicals during routine maintenance of your pool. Harsh chemicals can be damaging to your body and your overall health, so limiting your exposure to them is essential.

More Comfortable

The moment you step into a salt water pool, you will notice a difference in the way it feels on your skin. Salt in the water is softer against your body and promotes a state of relaxation.

When you swim in salt water, you won’t be overwhelmed by the smell of chlorine.

Relieve Allergies

Many allergy suffers say that they find relief during and after swimming in salt water. Salt water is also a great alternative for children who are sensitive to respiratory issues such as asthma.

You can lower your children’s and your own risk of colds, sinus discomfort and sore throats by choosing salt water over a regular chlorinated pool.

Long Term Health

Some people who swim regularly in heavily chlorinated pools point to that exposure as a cause of long term illnesses. There is some research to suggest a possible correlation between ingesting in high concentrations of chlorine and developing bladder cancer.

Heart and lung diseases may also be linked to high levels of chlorine.

Children’s Health

Kids love to swim, and it is great exercise for their growing bodies. However, the potential dangers of chlorine exposure make salt water pools a better choice for children.

Kids are constantly growing and changing in ways we can see and in ways we cannot. Children have hormone levels that fluctuate and stimulate growth in their bodies and brains. The less chlorine kids are exposed to at this fragile time, the better. Please ,ake sure that you use a pool safety fence to protect young children from drowning accidents.

Environmental Health

Decreased use of chlorine is not only better for people, but it is healthier for the environment as well. The same harsh chemicals that irritate skin and eyes can also be toxic to the earth where we grow our food and to the air that we breathe.

The chlorine created in a salt water pool is present in a much lower concentration than that of chlorine added to a traditional swimming pool. This reduction it the amount of chlorine a swimmer is exposed to brings health benefits that are both immediate and long term.